Saturday, September 21, 2013

Muslims against the "Science in the Qur'an" Claims

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  1. It would it seem it is a common trend for ignorant muslims to claim there is scientific miracles in the Qur'an. Learned muslims do not seem to waste time doing this. I assume they just have faith that it is true?

    1. The people above are not denying the possibility of scientific foreknowledge; they have all just realized that the apologists who have claimed this so far are wrong and use fallacious reasoning.

    2. Well where does that leave Islam then? The last guy does not oppose muslims actually becoming proper scientists etc. yet most imams tell muslims not to bother with such things. I do wonder what his view is of non-muslims in the sense what the Qur'an preaches. In the video he showed no signs of hostility towards non-muslims and, if I'm not mistaken, said he respected his non-muslim seniors with one of them being a Jew?