Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Shamelessly Defend Murdering Apostates/Ex-Muslims (feat. Asadullah Ali)

NOTE: Serious Cringe Alert ahead

Hello World,

Have you met DawahFilms aka Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi? Wonderful guy. An intellectual Lion ... of God nonetheless.*
(and for the Brown folks in the audience, did I mention he is WHITE and speaks english with an AMERICAN accent. My My ... Brown folks will get it!)

Ali holds several degrees in philosophy, Islamic Studies and reading chicken entrails (the last one was probably made up to boost his credentials).

al-Andalusi (he wants you to know he is from Muslim Spain) has a youtube channel. If you just visited his channel, you have come to the sad revelation that he has it "closed" and "offline".

Fortunately he is still willing to sacrifice a substantial amount of time on youtube for the benefit of mankind. He is very keen on letting everyone on youtube know how he has more important things to do than spending time on youtube.

He occasionally confronts fascists of the secular & liberal persuasions in order to expose their irrationality, ignorance and un-philosophical-ness...

Recently, DawahFilms rounded up several youtube libtards for a once in a lifetime learning experience. The topic, for the liberal minded, is "Murder of Apostates from Islam". But for those high minded folks such as al-Andalusi, the topic is "The Equitable Disciplinary Action for Federal Contract Infringement".

So then the libtards yell "freedom, freedom". They believe an individual should not be put to death for coming to the conclusion that the beliefs of a religion are false.

Asadullah, with gentle and calm poise, replies "hahaha you are all dumb". He proposes, using logic and arguments and evidence and God and most importantly himself, that an apostate from Islam should be killed.

The following is a meticulous examination of  al-Andalusi's reasoning and argu... actually screw that! After all, it is not fitting for a dog to question a Lion.

Without further ado, here are the "not simple-minded" reasons for why leaving Islam is a crime punishable by death...**

1. You see All Muslims have agreed to be killed if they leave Islam. They even signed a contract (for real!)
1.1 So really, this is just like suicide. nothing more. Very progressive of Islam, in my liberal opinion.

2. Islam is very serious ... emotions, feeling, desires are for wimps ... Islam is for men and men kill other men, especially for breaching contracts, which every muslim has agreed to. (for real)

3. Postmodernism lololololol
4. Libtard atheists have no arguments but degrading insults for the Intellectual Lion who just wants to upgrade men to take contracts killing apostates is alright

5. We are liberal fascists ... no argument there.
6. Haha if libtards think an apostate should not be killed for disagreeing with Islam, that is just like saying anyone can breach any contract logical

7. Human Rights are Evil, of course. why? because philosophy.
8. Liberals bomb people who disagree with them so it's cool to behead those who disagree with Islam ... who can possibly argue against that?

9. Most importantly, you see, even Ex-Muslims know Islam is the truth. They are just choosing to die (and roast in hell for eternity).
10. Contract ... Contract ... Contract ... Very serious .... and all Muslims have agreed to be killed once they leave islam.
11. Again, you really need to get this right, apostates just want to die. They really are just trying to kill themselves. If you weren't all blazing islam-haters, you would know that Islam is merely providing suicide assistance ... progressive much!

12. Finally, GOD!

Asadullah Dawah Ali al-Andalusi concluded his words of wisdom with the following;

Now to the subset of the Brown folks who MIGHT accidentally get the notion that "Asadullah Ali is a white-man's burden convert coming in to 'school us all' about our faith" ... ignore it. It is just waswas from Shaytan aka liberal secular fascists.

In conclusion, contracts, suicide and liberal fascists hence kill anyone who leaves Islam

And most importantly;


* His name Asadullah means "Lion of God"; that is what he decided to call himself after he became a Muslim. His entire name, Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi, translates to 'Ali The Andalusian Lion of God'. Nice, who wouldn't name oneself that?

** Comments taken from:

PS. Googling for an image of Dawahfilms led me to this screenshot of one of his comments from a long time ago;

From a person who said "real terrorism" is when one has to appease the crowd comes the line that "real human dignity" is in murdering people for coming to conclusions that contradict his fascist religion.

PPS. In the remote chance that the Lion sees fit to answer this lowly bitch, and in the remoter chance that he thinks and wishes to state that his views have been misrepresented, I ask for his forgiveness. But that being said, I have no interest in engaging him ... Hope, he has signed a contract somewhere to respect that much!

PPPS. My Muslim relatives who live under Muslim governments would like to know where they can get a copy of this contract that every Muslim has agreed to. Who knows what they have all agreed to die for  ... crap, my Uncle just got beheaded. He said the earth is round and that breached his contract ... oh well he was probably a liberal!

"Update (06/09/2014) - His Highness Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi has made a "quick" response. (Very important to notice that it was "quick" as it does not befit a lion to provide non-quick responses to dogs)

In light of Ali's response, I must admit a grave mistake on my part; in that I have unintentionally omitted a major detail from Asadullah's defense of killing ex-Muslims; a detail that increasingly many Muslims seem to think absolves themselves of the inherent hate in certain beliefs of theirs. 

What is the detail?

The new hashtag - #OnlyInAnIdealIslamicState 

Phew, What a relief!"