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About Myself

I am Anwar Bilal. I am a Skeptic, Agnostic Humanist, Indian-American  Ex-Muslim, Introvert Bookworm Polyglot. I am interested in the topics of Religion, Theology, Language, Philosophy, Mathematics, Probability and Logic

My blog covers topics regarding Islam & Skepticism with an emphasis on the criticism of Dawahganda or deceptive Islamic proselytization.

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About My Username

Almost all the content I have posted online have been under the username "CaptainDisguise". In all honesty, this was a name chosen randomly and meaninglessly when I was around 15/16 and wanted to make a youtube account with no intention of ever using it. Many years later, when I discovered, the fun world of youtube comments, I posted comments using this account rather than go through the trouble of creating a new one and from then on much of what I did online was through this silly username. As of 2014, I am in my mid-20s and wish I had a better sense in my teenage years.

Since I don't see the need or significance in "reinventing" myself with a different persona, I will stick with this badly-chosen name. Please keep in mind I don't see myself as a captain or in disguise and sincerely don't even know what captaindisguise means; in other words the username has no significance or meaning with regards to my intentions

Nonetheless, I don't mind being called captaindisguise. However, I would prefer being called Anwar from now on.